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Dear Depression, Let’s Break up. Ways to combat Depression


Depression is a psychological disorder that is indicated by extreme sadness, low motivation and loss of interest in everything. It is quite normal to experience feelings of despair and sadness because of adverse conditions such as personal loss, stress, disappointment and huge life changes. Depression is quite common in today’s world. One in every three individuals experiences depression. Most cases of disorder are quite mild while about one in every ten individuals has a severe episode.

Combat Depression

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Causes Of Depression

There is no exact reason as to what causes depression. Still, there are few factors that can trigger the onset of depression.

Causes of Depression

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  • Genetic Factors: Studies suggest that genetic factors do play a role in depression. Depression (and other mood disorders) run in families and almost 30{1f2d6db44b409c105db5a62b982efd477aadb841b4e9a191719a8d02eb0fdb65} of the depressed people suffer due to genetic influences.
  • Changes: Stressful life and unfortunate events also play a major part in the onset of depression. Environmental and social stressors such as childbirth, unemployment, financial crunches, loneliness, personal loss or something of utmost importance. These unpleasant life changes can also worsen a depressive illness in vulnerable people.
  • Personality: An individual’s personality is an important factor. When people are sad or depressed, they generally have a negative view of the world and themselves. They get sad very easily, they do not appreciate anything and even a tiniest problem can seem overwhelming to them. This shows that they have a quite depressive personality.
  • Diseases: Physical illnesses and medications can also cause depression. Influenza, anemia, birth control pills, alcohol and drug abuse might trigger symptoms of depression in individuals.


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Ways to Combat Depression

Ways to combat Depression

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  • Socialize

Don’t dwell inside your shell. Talking to friends and socializing can effectively improve your mood. Look up to those whom you can count on and talk to them when you feel dull.

  • Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol can become an issue especially for those individuals with drinking problems. You may drink way more than usual, in order to cope up with your emotions. In reality, alcohol won’t help you solve your issues and push you further into depression.

  • Have a healthy diet

Some people usually lose their appetite when they are depressed and they are at a higher risk of becoming weak and underweight. While there are others who indulge a lot on eating and are at a risk of becoming obese. Such unhealthy lifestyles can lead you to depression. Hence, it is very important to have a healthy diet.

  • Be more active

Exercise is known to be effective in uplifting mood. Even a usual walk of about 20 minutes can have a great impact on your mental and physical health.

  • Practice Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques and deep breathing exercises are two physiological actions that work very effectively to cope up with depression. Tai chi and Yoga are great ways to relax the body and combat depression.


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  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a potential treatment for depression. CBT includes learning:

  1. To cope up with hopelessness and sadness.
  2. Feeling lethargic even if not involved in any physical activity.
  3. To keep the negative thoughts in control.
  4. To reduce the behaviors related to suicidal thoughts and poor concentration.

CBT is an effective therapy and almost 80{1f2d6db44b409c105db5a62b982efd477aadb841b4e9a191719a8d02eb0fdb65} of people with depression show improvement.

It is crucial to have compassion for the depressed in order to help them overcome this state, including seeking help. It is important to keep in mind that no matter how negative the situation seems, the state is very far from hopeless.

Always remember: for every darker night, there is a brighter day after it.


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