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What is the right time for training? We clarify!


Even though it may not be obvious at first glance, it makes sense to think about the time you are training. So it does not make sense to train at any time or train in the morning. It therefore proves to be useful to look at the internal clock and to find out the time in which you can achieve the greatest possible result of the training. Because with this simple thing, you can train even better and your results will improve whatever you are just training as runner or bodybuilder. In the following, I will introduce you to the correct time period in which to train and explain why the remaining times are not suitable for efficient training.

How do you find the right time?

It’s hard to say that a certain amount of time turns out to be optimal for everyone. This is partly genetic for everyone and a lot of it is also a habit. However, it is possible to change your own biorhythm with hard training and a lot of dedication, so that you can optimally train at a different time. Below I introduce you to the typical process of the inner clock, but you should always keep in mind that this is individually different.

Training in the early morning

Early morning training is limited, as the body’s own mechanisms take time to become “warm”. Some joints are still stiff. Therefore, it is advisable to do yoga or gymnastics early in the morning, rather than a high-intensity interval training or weight lifting.

Training in the early morning
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The morning

The morning is ideal for long periods of stamina, as most people feel fitter and more concentrated during the period 9-11am. For demanding units such as endurance or HIIT training this is the optimal time. However, you should also take something here before training, such as a banana, so you have enough energy reserves for the upcoming training.

The midday low

During the day most people feel tired and after a warm lunch this is the ideal time for a nap. Therefore, according to researchers, after lunch at least for 2 hours you should not do any exercise because our body needs the energy to digest the meal. Also a refusal of the lunch is not good, because after a strenuous morning the nutrients are used up and one should take more nutrients, than to strain his body even further.

The late afternoon

In the late afternoon you have the second high. Many people find the time between 16-19 clock as the ideal time to do sports. The body functions are also running at full speed, which also makes the body feel able to be stressed. As a result, a better training stimulus can be achieved. Researchers recommend strength training or martial arts for this period.

The early evening

For the early evening time is the last chance to use again physically. Due to the rising melatonin level, however, the high is superseded from 8 pm and the sleep hormones are released, which makes you tired. Therefore, one has to keep in mind that one does not stress the body too much, otherwise the body can reach a high performance level again. This can lead to sleeping problems.

Training in early evening
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Good night: 22-6 clock

During this period you should avoid training because you can not train optimally and give your body a break. By releasing the stress hormone cortisone, the body also gets tired and should be considered for an optimal new workout day.


The time plays an important role in optimal training. One should pay attention to his body, if you are dedicated to training and at best claim the body when it has a high. The internal clock is different from person to person and must be considered individually, but the two phases are still the optimal time for training.


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