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Pros And Cons Of Trendy Hot Yoga


Hot power yoga is a new trend in the world of yoga in which a person does yoga in a studio or room that is heated to a temperature of 28-32 degrees. Thus, the yoga is done at a warm temperature but one feels comfortable with the heat. Due to the temperature, the person has sweat and the muscles become warm. The yoga is flexible as the poses can be chosen as per one’s liking. Different yoga postures are included in a session that makes it a creative yoga with a lot of variety. The yoga is good for detoxification as the sweat releases the toxins in the body. The muscles become supple and the joints become flexible. However, the yoga also has some negative effect and disadvantages. It is beneficial to know the advantages and disadvantages of this yoga. Following are the pros and cons of power yoga

Hot Yoga
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Pros Of Doing Hot Yoga

Reduces Stress

A hot yoga session for ninety minutes helps in fighting stress. It releases the feel-good hormones endorphins in the body that reduce stress in the body and mind.

Makes The Skin Healthy

Since the hot yoga produces a lot of sweat, the skin pores become open and it makes the skin healthy. The sweat detoxifies the skin. It also helps in killing bacteria present in the skin fighting skin infection.

Loose Muscles And Strong Body

Hot yoga is very useful for loosening the muscles. This improves the flexibility of a person and makes the body strong.

Improves Focus

Doing yoga at a higher temperature improves the focus of a person. It makes the breathing hard. One has to pay attention to and concentrate on the breathing and this increases the focusing ability.

Healthy Lungs

Lungs become healthy and strong by doing the hot yoga. The warm temperature and the humid room make the air passages in the lungs open. It improves the breathing ability. It helps in detoxifying the lungs by getting rid of toxins from it.

Reduces Joint Pain

Hot yoga helps in reducing pain in the joints. The muscles become strong when you do this yoga and it reduces joint stiffness thus improving the mobility of a person fighting movement problems.

Cons Of Doing Hot Yoga

Causes Dehydration

Doing the yoga in a hot room for one and a half hours causes the problem of dehydration. Thus, one should drink water to prevent dehydration. Take water before doing the yoga. Also, drink water after the session.

Time Consuming

The yoga takes a long time, as one has to spend ninety minutes in the studio. This can cause a problem if you are busy and short of time. Also, it is necessary to take a bath after the yoga and a lot of time is needed for this.   

Causes Weakness, Tiredness, Discomfort

Some people who do the hot yoga feel very uncomfortable as the yoga increases the weakness in the body after forty-five minutes only. It increases the feeling of tiredness and causes discomfort.

Causes Dizziness

The yoga can cause the problem of dizziness sometimes. There can be nausea along with this. The best way to fight the situation is to lie down and drink water when there is dizziness.   

Causes Injury

There is a high risk of injury while doing the hot power yoga. Stretching at a high temperature and exerting the body causes tear in the ligament and this may lead to injury.


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