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Internet privacy is not negligible because this is a serious thing. We believe that knowing how information about you is collected and how it is used and shared is very important to you. You also need to get consultation with us if you have any thing to ask.

What kind of information is collected well? How to use that information?

Information obtained online can be categorized into anonymous categories and therefore can not be personally identifiable. For information, any anonymous information can not be traced back to the individual. They can only be tracked but every phone number, email and name behind it can not be known.

While personally identifiable information is not anonymous information and each of them can be traced down to the name, address, email address and phone number used. It’s an important belief for us that you feel it’s important to provide us with certain personal information so that any advice given to you can be relevant.

California and Canadian law
The laws of California and Canada instruct us to notify you of any information sharing practices with any third party. However, our privacy policy is not limited to California and Canadian users. You can ask us any time about important information regarding your privacy rights. Notify us by email.

Everything about ‘cookies’

All trusted partners may use ‘cookies’ to search for information anonymously collected on a particular browser. If you have provided your personal information to a third party then such party may be able to associate that information with a cookie and they may be able to identify your identity. For information, cookies are the standard technology used by web servers to store information from Internet users. However you should know that an honest web server always asks the user for permission regarding the reception of cookie files. Cookies allow for Healthy and Fit World  (and partners) to monitor the flow of data traffic as well as personalize ads and content. If the user allows cookies, he can delete them if he / she does not want them anymore. Deleting cookies from a browser can be done easily.

Web beacons

Web beacons are used in conjunction with cookies by some healthy web pages. Web beacons are a kind of electronic image, often called a single action tag or pixel. This electronic image allows Healthy and Fit World and its partners to position and read cookies, certainly in accordance with the permissions granted by the user.

Personally identifiable information

When you register as a Healthy and Fit World member, at that time we collect all your personal data. We collect as you enter into the registration form. To conduct market research we may conduct an anomization process of your personal data in order to protect your privacy. However we may customize your data with similar anonymous third parties to allow for aggregate analysis.

Any personally traceable information is shared solely with third parties under strict confidentiality terms and set out in contracts for Health. Collection of information for contests, sweepstakes, or other events may be performed. For information, personal information such as personal contacts and demographic information will not be submitted to non-participating third parties.

For the submission of your personal information to third parties, you are always notified in advance and you may accept or reject. The general rule you need to realize is that Healthy and Fit World does not practice the de-identifying of personal information on a regular schedule. Broadly speaking, Health will not share personal information such as contact information and demographic data to advertisers or other organizations without seizing users. To further strengthen security, Healthy and Fit world employs third parties to verify each data but not to distribute it.
Email / opt-out options

Every bulletin and offer sent by Healthy and fit World includes a guide for users to stop receiving them. You only need one mouse click to exclude you from any notifications and offers. Even if you do not have Internet access, you can type “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line and you do not have to worry about third party offers sent from Healthy and Fit World. You can do the opposite by checking a special box on our site. Each health member can receive Blog Alerts and News Alerts via email and also change the frequency of sending or even unsubscribing from Blog Alerts and New Alerts.
Special policies for children under thirteen

We act under the Federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA) so we will not ask for their information under 13 without parental consent. Although they have changed their preferences, we will not share the personal identities of children under 13.

Effective: February 2018. Any policy changes will be posted here.

For any additional questions please healthyandfitw@gmail.com. We will be happy to answer any of your questions but we will not share information of other users.

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