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New Migraine Medication Brings In A Tide Of Hope


Years have passed since the wait for an effective migraine drug, and our anticipation is finally rewarded with the new migraine medication. The anti-CGRP group of drugs is specially designed to prevent Migraine encounters. So, does this new medication brings in new hope? Or is it just another medicine for temporary relief?

The latest four anti-CGRP treatments have received the FDA-approval, and many of us have already tried their hands at one of the four with a shot or two. All of these new migraine medications hold such high promise that everyone is excited for its availability in the physical medical store and doctors prescribing them more often.

Should You Be Hopeful or Worried?

For decades, all the patients suffering from migraine have been using medicines developed to treat other health conditions. You know the drill, once diagnosed with chronic migraine, you are given a long list of things that might work and things that may trigger it. But these are just for easing migraines or preventing it, but none actually cured the problem. However, the new migraine medication promises to deliver the must needed cure for the migraine problems.

Should You Be Hopeful or Worried?
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These new migraine medications are different…

The newfound drug is different as it blocks the activity of Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptides, a hormone that has a major role in causing migraines. The anti-CGRP medication helps in turning down the volume of the trigeminal nerve by preventing it from activating cells and mopping excessive peptide.

Should You Try the Meds?

There is a lot of confusion, speculations, and rumors around this new class of drugs. How much will it cost? Where to find it? Which drug should I try amongst the four groups?

The rumors about the free trial of Aimovig was found to be true. If you have patience and time to wait on call for nearly an hour or more, you are sure for a treat of free two-month trials. Apart from this main drug, other new migraine medications are also running quite a few offers for the patients.

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New Hopes & New Fears…

People have been reacting with different hopes and fears with regards to this new invention. Let’s take a look at some of the hopes that migraine patients have from this medicine –

I Hope my Doctor prescribes it soon –

You need a complete team effort for laying hands on the new Migraine medication; a role to play by your doctor, a pharmacist, and lastly you. Hopefully, you are keeping an accurate record of headache assurances and the medications you have used before and failed. You need a doctor’s prescription to get the medicine from the medical store.

I Hope for minimum side effects –

It is annoying to have a treatment available with more side effects that the actual health problem. Luckily, with this new treatment, there are only two known side effects i.e. irritation (at the place of inject) and constipation.

I Hope I respond better to the medicine –

Results in the clinical trials of all the four medicines state a 50 percent reduction in the migraine days in a month. The trials have also categorized a special group called the ‘super-responders’ who have experienced a 75 percent decline in the migraine days compared to before.

This means if you have 20 migraine days in a month, then you have a 50 percent chance of reducing those days to only 10 days or fewer in a month. And if you are among the super-responders, then get ready to live a migraine-free life.

I Hope to understand which one to try –

Elizabeth Loder, MD, chief of the Division of Headache at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, states that all the drugs look quite similar and the reports don’t show any significant difference in the reactions. All of the four drugs have acted equally well on the patients and helped them find relief from migraine problems.

Dr. David Dodick added that you can definitely try more than one drug if the earlier one does not show results.

Researchers haven’t found any differences between these four new migraine medications, but if we go as per the other category of drugs, then different drugs do have a varying outcome on the individual person.

Do Not Forget the Normal Drill –

The new medicine has surely brought in new hopes of treating the migraine health issue, but do not let that come in between the normal lifestyle routine you use to follow. It is important to stay away from all the triggers that can cause the intense pain of migraine. You can also check the effective Home Remedies for Migraine.

  1. Keep Distance from Red Wine

Keeping control over diet helps in controlling the headaches, so try making it a new year resolution or something similar. Certain foods trigger migraine more than others; keep a note of such foods for you. When we talk in general, you can start by keeping a distance from the alluring glass of red wine.

  1. Practice Yoga or Meditation

There is a scientific report that links regular exercise to a reduction in the frequency of migraine attacks. If you are beginner, start with Yoga! It will help in reducing stress and help good sleep. Exercising will also help with the obesity factor (if you have one), which is linked as one of the migraine factors.

If you are not much of a physical activity person, then you can simply inherit meditation in your daily routine. It does work!

  1. Reconnect with People

Staying with people and maintaining a good bond helps a lot then it seems. It is normally difficult to maintain relationships with friends and family when you are suffering from migraine attacks. But do not sideline them. A strong network can make a huge difference; it helps with the anxiety issues. Talking to people also act as a stress reliever, which if not can trigger a migraine attack. So, stay in touch, and talk to people keeping the migraine attacks as far away as possible from your life.


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