The Latest Research – Risk of Heart Attack Increases Due to flu?

Flu is caused by the attack of a virus on the body and it affects the respiratory system causing infection in it. Common symptoms are chills, body pain, cough, and sore throat. The affected person can have fever and headache also. A recent study in Canada has found that people who are infected by flu have a chance of suffering from heart disease. Flu can affect the health of your heart and cause a heart attack. Thus, the disease not only causes respiratory disorder but it is harmful to the heart too.

The risk of heart disease is more immediately after the attack of flu especially in the first seven days after you are down with the respiratory disease. The risk decreases after one year of the flu. This conclusion was made by the Canadian epidemiologist who was conducting the study.

Doctors had found in the earlier times that a large number of people who had flu died of cardiovascular diseases. However, they could not confirm that flu could cause heart attack and offer a scientific proof for this. The main problem was that most people who have flu avoid undergoing medical testing to detect the infection. This caused inability to do research. The recent research was conducted by checking the flu tests and seeing the hospital reports to confirm the study. The research has given a scientific proof. It is a very significant study as the relation between a flu infection and heart disease emphasizes how important it is to get the vaccination for protecting the body from flu.

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The study has found that the risk of heart disease was not so much after seven days of getting the flu diagnosis. The flu season sees a large number of patients in the United States who fall ill due to the infection and many children died this year due to this. It also caused the death of elderly people above the age of sixty-five years. The people who conducted the research studied 332 patients with a diagnosis of a heart problem due to flu.   

It is important for the people who have heart disease to protect themselves from getting respiratory diseases and flu. The best way to do this is by getting the flu vaccination. It is also important to take care of the basic hygiene by washing the hands to prevent the flu infection.

The risk of health problem due to flu was seen in patients who suffered a previous heart attack. The risk was also noticed in individuals without any history of a heart attack.

There is no guarantee and surety that the flu vaccine will prevent heart disease as many people who had been vaccinated still had a heart attack. However, the study says that we cannot make a conclusion that the flu shot cannot prevent a heart disease. Sometimes, the vaccine is more effective in preventing flu and sometimes it is not so effective. Also, most people don’t take the vaccine. It is better to take the vaccine to ensure safety from infection than not doing anything about it. We can prevent a heart disease by avoiding the flu infection. People who have flu should stay at home and avoid going to the office and school to prevent the spreading of the infection to others.

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