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Our site (along with all the content in it)  provides all important information related to Health, Diet, Yoga, Fitness, Life, Desease as well as the various products and services available through our Website. All of Our Wellness Content is governed by the following warnings and refusals.

Please note that prior to following our exercise and diet programs; you need to consult a doctor and other medical personnel. Healthy and Fit world and its staff are not the providers of therapists, psychiatrists, therapeutics, psychologists, life coaches, and relationship counselors because they lack specifications in diagnosis, psychological and emotional examination. They also can’t determine the impact of the specific activities, actions and programs suggested in our Website and Online.

Some content providers can be trusted as long as they do not provide any personal advice. However they can be trusted when providing general education and all general health related information. For every activity undertaken based on our general suggestions; including sports, yoga and diet, you should be aware that all the risks that occur are not our responsibility but rather your responsibility personally. Keep in mind that there is always the possibility of physical injury, psychological disturbance to permanent injury / death.

Again, our Health Content is not made in place of the Professional Suggestions you have received from your Professional Care as we do not provide any warranty to the suitability, accuracy and completeness of any information contained in our Health Content. You need to be aware that health science continues to grow and every content in our Health Content is not lasting.

If you have any questions regarding your readiness to join our program, you are advised to consult with your health care provider or other Professional Maintenance Provider to avoid any problems that may arise in the future. Changes to diet and yoga programs may have an effect on your physical and psychological condition.

When you hear or read anything within our Health Content, you should not delay to seek relevant Medical Suggestions or Professional Suggestions. Again, Our Health Content is not the ultimate referral nor a substitute for Medical Suggestions and Professional Suggestions from doctors or other registered dietitians. It is vital that every point in our Health Content is used only with the quality medical guidance provided by other Professional Maintenance Providers.

Especially if you have pregnancy, eating disorders, diabetes and other physical and psychological disturbances, you should seek advice from other Professional Maintenance Providers before doing what is suggested in our Health Content. Stop your activities when you experience discomfort or pain and seek immediate help from other Professional Maintenance Providers.

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