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Baby Your Hair: Effective ways to promote Hair Growth in Males


While nothing short of genetic alteration can really make a man’s hair grow faster than the average half inch per month rate of growth, there are some steps you can take to ensure your hair keeps growing at its maximum speed. By keeping a man’s hair and body as healthy as possible, you can help him promote his hair growth as quickly as humanly possible.

1) Your hair reflects what you eat

That means you’re in charge of eating for it. You can see how healthy someone’s diet is by simply looking at his or her hair. People who stick to a crazy fat free regime, for example, experience dullness, breakage and various other male hair loss problems. Remember, our cells are coated with a fatty membrane. Encouraging growth starts with keeping the cells healthy, which starts with keeping their fatty membranes healthy, which starts with having the right kind of fat in your diet. That would be sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, like salmon, avocado, nuts and olive oil

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2) Fat Needs Good Teammates

  • Protein: Protein is the building block to healthy skin, nails and hair, and is an essential component to healthy hair growth. Eggs are always great option, but make sure you’re eating the whole thing. The yolk is where all the vitamins and nutrition are. It’s also a huge source of Biotin, which is something people take in pill form for hair loss in men.
  • Vitamin E: It’s an antioxidant shown to improve blood flow. It will invariably promote a healthier scalp — and the healthier your scalp is, the healthier your cells are, and the more likely you are to have faster growing hair. Because nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables are sources of Vitamin E, a salad with sunflower seeds or almonds sprinkled on top is an easy way to boost your daily dose.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a precursor for collagen production in your body, so it’s another building block for healthy skin, hair and nails. And it’s a major antioxidant. And it fights off all of the cellular damage we’re doing regularly. Some of my favorite Vitamin C foods are red peppers, sweet potatoes and citrus foods.”
  • Supplements: The ultimate goal is for everyone to start with the healthiest food on their plates, and supplement with anything additional. So if you’re not a fish eater, then you should take an Omega 3.  And extra Biotin, of course, will do wonders for growing out your hair.
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3) Use protection!


Never apply high levels of heat without protecting your hair first. This is n essential step in the hair growth treatment. If you must put heat on the ends, then you absolutely need a heat protectant. It’s like a shield of armor that goes over the hair: Most products are rated up to 350 degrees — so as long as you keep the tool’s level below that, the product stays intact and protects.

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4) Oil your hair.


Curly, natural hair easily becomes brittle and breaks because we don’t get the same levels of oil people with straight hair do. Oil butters on the ends and around the forehead area are necessary because that part of natural hair is extra sensitive. Some people with natural hair even put it all over their hair to retain the moisture that we don’t get from the scalp.


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