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15 Tips to pamper your life and make it Healthier

Ever wondered how to make you life healthier?

The trick to making your lifestyle healthier is to make small healthy changes every day till those changes become your habits and then your lifestyle. So here are 15 lifestyle tips to live a fuller, healthier and happy life.

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Drink water as you wake

Drink one glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice upon waking up in the morning.

Eat ‘primally’

Researches have shown that a ‘primal’ diet made up of nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables fruits, vegetables is best for improvement in risk markers for illnesses and weight control management.

Sweat it out

Do high intensity interval training for about 20 minutes. Also go for sauna or hot yoga to pump up your lymphatic system.

Health supplements

Add 2 teaspoons of Spirulina or chlorella in your green smoothie or just plain water in order to boost your mineral intake.Health SupplementsImage Source

Replace coffee

Skip your coffee and replace it with green tea instead. Caffeine in coffee increases stress response in your body and robs you off energy.

Say ‘No’ to junk

Skip anything artificial and packed with preservatives and other chemicals. Avoid high sugar – high fat combination foods, such as traditional cookies, cakes, confectionery, milk chocolate, etc. It causes blood sugar imbalances, which leads to diabetes and damages overall health.

Befriend Nature

Spend some time in nature; for instance, go for a run in the woods or for a walk in a park or by a river. Connect with Mother Earth as much as possible by practicing the art of ‘grounding’, i.e. walking barefoot on sand and lush green grass.

Stay Hydrated

Drink at least 8 glasses of purified water in a day to stay hydrated, as all the functions in the body depend on water.

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Protect your smile

Do oil pulling to improve your oral health and make your teeth whiter. Take some virgin coconut oil and swish it in your mouth for 20 minutes.


Live a minimal life. Clean up your bedroom and working space, it will help you stay more relaxed yet focused. Give away all those things you no longer need.


Oxygen is a vital source of life. Most of us don’t breathe fully up to our lung’s capacity. A full breath is one where your lungs are completely filled, your abdomen expands, and there’s minimum movement in your shoulders. Practice meditation and deep breathing.


Practice intermittent fasting for at least 14 hours. Studies show it helps balance blood sugar levels, burn fat and prevent degenerative disease. Also, taking 2 grams of activated charcoal helps your body to get rid of toxins.


Sleep for at least seven hours a night. And apart from the night sleep, you may also consider having a power nap for instant energy, which should be no longer than 30 minutes.

Wake up with the Sun

Wake up early, preferably around 5 or 6am. It will make you feel more energetic and will make you more productive throughout the day.

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Bid farewell to bad habits

Bad habits such as binge eating, excessive drinking and smoking can cut down good number of years from your life. Avoid drinking too much of alcohol and quit smoking.

Life is beautiful. Hence, don’t take your good health today for granted. Embrace it. Love it. Pamper it.

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