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10 Tips on Developing a Mindset for Healthy Living

Healthy living has been a hot topic for decades. There are so many takes on it, especially when you read newspapers, lifestyle magazines, and watch the news. This is due to the fact that so many factors come into play when you think about health.

However, despite the many opinions and studies on health (many of which can contradict each other), one thing is consistent — mindset is important.

Before you embark on a health journey, it is imperative to be prepared mentally. Your mental state is one major contributory factor to your ability to stick to your convictions despite the presence of challenges.

So, how do you create the right mindset for healthy living? Listed below are 10 helpful tips.

1. Recognize that “health” is different for everyone.

You do not have to do what your best friend or sibling is doing. Your health is your own. It is so easy to get swayed into trying new strategies to improve health but before jumping into anything, sit down and evaluate your present health condition.

Take the time to listen and get in touch with your body. This is one of the most reliable ways of knowing how you can become healthier.

2. Treat your doctor as your health and wellness buddy.

This partners up perfectly with the number one item on this list. A lot of people check in with their doctor only when they are sick or worried that something is wrong with them. Do not be like that and, instead, treat your doctor as your ultimate health buddy, because he is.

Your doctor can assess what your body truly needs and recommend medically proven lifestyle changes and aids to help you achieve your wellness goals and stay healthy for the long term.

health and wellness buddy

3.  Clearly establish your motivators.

It always helps to establish the reasons why you need to be healthy. Is it because you want to live life to the fullest? Do you want to avoid the high cost of getting sick? Do you want to live a long life for the people you love? Or, do you simply want to look great?

Remind yourself of these reasons especially when the health journey is proving to be difficult. Perhaps, even write them down and put it up on the wall of your bedroom or your vision board. Visual reminders of the whys behind the things you do can help cement a mindset for success.

4. Good things do not need to be done all at the same time.

Oftentimes when you are on a path to betterment, you feel the desire to do as much as you can. You believe that by doing so, you will get the results you want much faster. However, such a tactic can prove to be rather counterproductive.

When you want to live healthily, it is best to not feel too pressured to overcome your natural tendencies. When you are not pressured, you’ll be less likely to feel frustrated with slow results, binge eat, and revert to old bad practices.

5. Self-care is a must.

Healthy is not just about eating right. It is also about other practices to improve your body, mind, and spirit. You deserve to do all these for yourself.

So, practice self-care regularly. Give yourself the treats that can relax you, as well as bring joy. For instance, get a full-body massage twice a month. According to a massage therapy school in London, a massage not only provides pain and stress relief, but it can outwork the effects of lack of sleep as well such as a foggy brain and poor circulation.


6. Eating should never be a stressful thing.

Find joy in nourishing yourself and spending time with the people who matter to you over a meal. Even if you have established standards for eating, do not stress in situations wherein you have no control over the food you eat.

Instead, focus on the benefits of giving yourself the permission to ease on your preferred food choices, such as enjoying the time you are spending with friends or making a loved one who has prepared a meal happy.

7. It’s all about finding balance.

One of the main reasons why people fail in their health initiatives is they tend to take things to the extreme. For instance, they restrict or deprive themselves when eating, which develops in them an unhealthy relationship with food. Not only that, this practice is not sustainable in the long term.

In everything you do, find balance and joy. Make sure that you are not compromising one thing for another such as your mental wellbeing for the need to lose weight.

8. Do not change your diet, change your lifestyle.

A diet is not sustainable and typically, you try one for short-term gains. The problem with this is you may lose 10 pounds in two weeks but may regain it once you start easing up on your diet program.

If you want to be healthy for life, it is your style of living that you really need to change. A lifestyle change is about smart practices that you can keep up with for the rest of your life.

Do not change your diet

9. You need breakfast.

Time and time again, studies have shown that breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day. Those who often miss this meal show a higher tendency to gain weight because they end up snacking more throughout the day and overeating for lunch and dinner.

Therefore, make time for breakfast to properly nourish your mind and body for a busy day ahead.

10. Continuous learning keeps the body and mind young.

The pursuit of knowledge can do wonders for your health. It challenges, excites, and enhances you. It can also modify the way you live, provide you with little moments of victory, and grow your social circle.

Suffice it to say, if you want to live healthily, keep your brain active. Read more books, pick up a new hobby such as dancing the tango with friends, and perhaps even learn massage at a reputable school.

The right mindset for healthy living is all about being able to take a step back, and looking at the big picture. You have to cover most if not all of the bases to become and stay healthy. Hopefully, the tips shared here will help in your journey to becoming the healthiest version of yourself.


Marc Innes is the Owner and Principal of the School of Natural Therapies, a training school for Massage & Holistic Therapies located in London. Marc began his career in the NHS, working in a number of managerial and training roles within the Ambulance Service in London. He spent much of that time educating and coaching medical staff. Over time, he developed an interest in all things complementary to Allopathic Medicine, in particular, Reiki Healing and EFT, which culminated in running a successful teaching and ‘energy healing’ practice. Marc is passionate about the massage and complementary therapy industry.

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